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Sale is for single bands, although you can mix and match multiple for different resistance.
Why purchase the G-Bands? Simple..
4.5mm thickness. 5 different resistance levels.
USA Trusted Brand
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Best Value. Price and quality that are unmatched
No Hassle Warranty. Don't Like it? Return it no questions asked
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Exclusive holiday pricing sale
What Is Included?
1. High Quality G-Bands of choice.
2. Bonus portable carry bag (Easy to take anywhere)
Item Specifics:
High Quality latex
Each band is 41 inches in length
G-Band RED (LEVEL 1, 10-35 Pounds, 1/2 In wide, 4.5mm thick)
G-Band BLACK (LEVEL 2, 30-60 Pounds 3/4 In wide, 4.5mm thick)
G-Band PURPLE (LEVEL 3, 40-80 Pounds, 1.25 In wide, 4.5mm thick)
G-Band GREEN (LEVEL 4, 50-125 Pounds, 1.75 In wide 4.5mm thick)
G-Band BLUE (LEVEL 5, 65-175 Pounds 2.5 In wide, 4.5mm thick)
Use for pull ups/ring dips/chin ups,etc
100% Brand new and in packaging
-Our Mission At Gymstuff is to provide all of our customers with very high quality products at an economical and affordable price. We believe people worldwide that are health conscious should be given the option of affordability when trying to enrich their lives in the gym. Health is one of the most important aspects of life and should never be outrageously expensive. We hope that we can help you achieve your fitness goals!
-Gymstuff products are all top shelf, quality tested products. We believe that we provide some of the best fitness products on the market and we stand behind them with our warranty.

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