What is the difference between the G Strap and the G Strap PRO?

The main differences are the types of material, the PRO having rubber grips, stitching patterns, length of extension link on the PRO is longer and the extension link on the PRO is adjustable. The PRO also has padded foot loops. Both are excellent choices. The PRO is a close rival to the $250 competitors.

What is included in the G Strap training system package?

Included is the G Straps in the color of choice, door wheel, wrench for carabiner hooks, extension link and a bonus portable carry bag for travel or easy transport.

Does the G Strap Trainer System come with a guide?

The G Straps come with a simple setup guide that explains the components and how to set them up. The guide is also under the FAQ below.

Are the G Strap Trainers adjustable?

Yes, easily press in on the cam buckle and it will release tension so you can slide it to desired length (see guide below)

What colors do they come in?

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange.

Where can I find exercise videos?

There are thousands of suspension strap videos and tutorials on youtube. We should have our own videos on our site soon for you.

Is a wall mount included?

A wall mount is not included. It is sold separately on this site.

Can I use the G Strap training equipment outside or at home?

Yes, you can use the door wheel for home use and the extension link for wrapping trees, gym racks, etc.

How fast is shipping and what carrier?

We pride ourselves on fast shipping. 99% of the time we ship the same day as order as long as it is before 330 PM MST M-F and before 10 AM on Saturday. We ship through USPS Priority mail for individual orders. For bulk or large orders we use other services such as ground occasionally.

WIll I get a tracking number with my order?

Yes. All orders get tracking number automatically uploaded with shipping.

Will I get a confirmation email with order?

Yes. You will get an email when you order and when it is shipped.

Can you re-sell gymstuff products? 

No. Not unless you have written permission from gymstuff.com. Our products are registered with the USPTO for trademark infringement and intellectual property rights belong solely to gymstuff.com. Contact info@gymstuff.com to ask about opportunities.



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