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15W Portable USB Solar Charger

  • $ 59.95
  • Save $ 100

Ever been stuck without a charge? Dont ever let that happen with our cutting edge solar usb charger. Newest design, efficiency and affordability in one!
  • Water-Resistant and Incredibly Durable: Waterproof treatment and rugged high-wear fabric canvas, provide you with worry-free in any outdoor environments and activities, including water sports, thunder storm, high humidity weather. Will recharging immediately and quickly whenever there is sunshine.
  • Remarkably High Conversion Efficiency: Its solar panel array has a world leading solar energy conversion efficiency
  • Highly Portable: Take anywhere and never be stuck without a charge!
  • No built-in battery

Number of Cells: 2 solar panels
Size: 290mm x 520mm/ 290mm x 165mm
Material: Polycrystalline Silicon
Max. Power: 15W Max
Model Number: SLS-4535
SKU: C290754665
Item Type: 15W Foldable Solar Charger Outdoor Portable Solar Panel Charger

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